of Rhodope Fairytales - Workshops and Performances 2018

"Murmures of Rhodope Fairytales" is a fairytale performance-journey from France to Bulgaria

In July 2018 the French troupe will set out from the mountains in the Ardèche area of France and will journey to the village of Dobralak, in the Rhodope Mountains. Joined by colleagues from Germany, Finland and Bulgaria, it will invite audiences to thematic workshops and two performances.

Workshops at Dobralak

  • 22-25 July 2018 - Folk singing and improvisation. The participants will exchange song materials from the vocal traditions of Bulgaria, France, Finland and Germany, and will build a common repertoire to accompany “MurmureS”. Hosts at the workshop will be the French singer Fenja Abraham, the German singer and musician Madlen Strange and the Finnish folk singer Emmi Kujanpä.
  • 22-25 July 2018  - Telling of tales. The workshop will present the subtleties of how a storyteller catches his or her audience's attention and breathes life into the words. The programme will feature: exercising the body's means of expression (gestures, gait, rhythm, voice), and word improvisations and playful enunciation. Host: Rafael For; Interpreter: Maria Kazasova.
  • 22-26 July 2018 -  Journey Through the Senses. The participants will learn about the Theatre of the Senses/Labyrinth method and how to call the audience’s attention to the theatre of the senses. Host: Milena Stanoevic.

The workshop participants will be invited to join in the preparation of the performances.

Performances at Dobralak

  • 27 July 2018 - A Journey Through the Senses of Dobralak will turn the entire village into a stage and will interweave the villagers’ memories of their locale, and those of the artists, exploring the place’s authentic environment.

Two performances of sensory theater-labyrinth "Journey through the senses", scheduled respectively for 11 o’clock a.m. and 3 o’clock p.m. Each of them lasts about two hours. Sign up for sensory theater-labyrinth "Journey through the Senses of Dobralak": .com / forms.

  • 3, 4, 5 August 2018 - “Murmures”, a performance-journey. “Murmures” is a multi-genre performance in a natural environment that features music, poetry, acrobatics, and story-telling. The audience will join in by adding Rhodope motifs into the story, which will have walked a long way from far-away lands.

Participants in the workshops "Folklore singing and improvisation" and "Telling of tales" will have a mutual performances in the nature around Dobralak with music, poetry, acrobatics and storytelling. The performances will take place at 4 o’clock p.m. (on 03.08 and 04.08) and at 3 o’clock p.m. on 05.08. Sign up form for the performances:

The performances are interactive (the audience is directly involved and interacts with the artists) and site-specific.

Entrance is free for all events, but online registration required.

Reaching the village of Dobralak is possible with a private car or upon request by the organisers of the events when filling in the registration forms.

The project “Murmures of Rhodope Fairytales” comes from the Théâtre des Chemins (“Theatre on the Road”) of the French Association Trib'alt Spectacles in conjunction with the Open Spaces Association (Bulgaria) and the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT).

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