‘Europe in Drops of Poetry’ is a concept by Television MM who will collaborate with local artists in Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2019, Plovdiv.

For the first time in Europe, graffiti will be placed using revolutionary technology in Plovdiv, as part of the programme of European Capital of Culture 2019. Created by the first music television in Bulgaria, Television ‘MM’, the art pieces will be visible only when it’s raining or they are wet. They will disintegrate by itself within 10 weeks of their exhibit. On 32 locations in the city a team of local graffiti artists will spray pre-cut templates of lyrics from songs made for the project ‘Europe in Drops of Poetry’. It is the first time that an event of this type and scale will be done in Europe. So far this has been done in the US and Australia. The lyrics are taken out of songs made by emblematic artists from the 28 countries in Europe. Some of the lyrics are in the native languages of the artists. The Bulgarian texts will be the most – 5 pieces of work. Three out the five are selected by the viewers of music Television ‘MM’. Most of the citations that you will find will be by popular and known artists, some will be by an up and coming musicians. The materials are ecological and 100% environmentally friendly. The task of executing the project falls on to the artist Simona Kozhuharova, and a team of local artists led by Dimitar Mehandzhiiski ‘Stern’, who will be responsible for the logistics and location spotting.

The purpose of ‘Europe in Drops of Poetry’ is to create positive emotions among people and bring something unusual in their busy everyday life. There will be games on all social media channels, such as: find the lyrics, guess the language and guess the language or the country.

The event ‘Europe in Drops of Poetry’ will be split in to three stages throughout 2019. There would be winter, summer and autumn stage, beginning at the end of January. It is supported by local and national medias, Bulgarian and international businesses and representatives of EU countries, and their cultural institutions.

‘Europe in Drops of Poetry’ is part of the programme for Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture 2019.


About Television ‘MM’:

Television ‘MM’ is the first music television in Bulgaria, founded in 1997 in Sofia. After a 7 year break, the station is back with new design and concept aimed at anybody who enjoys national and international music. Television ‘MM’ is also the first online television in Bulgaria, with 24/7 streaming, 7 days per week. www.mmtvmusic.com.



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