Europe's end a.k.a the beginning of the meeting From Matera to Plovdiv

Come on 9th March at 18.00 at Otsreshta to meet Michele and Fabio Il pignone viaggiatore - Voyage au bout de l'Europe, who turned cycling into a research trip.

Which emblematic figure for you is a symbol of Europe?
What is the place you associate with Europe?
What can Europe do for you?
What can you do for Europe?
What are the borders of Europe?

In August 2017, they departed from Matera and passed through the territory of six countries, asking strangers these 5 questions and seeking what is the place of Europe in their everyday lives. 
Now they are back to share their impressions, tell about their meetings and show the videos they have made.
Working language of the meeting: English.
The project is supported by Matera 2019.

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