After becoming the most seen film for 2019 / 2020 The Reunion movie comes with a second part, again as part of the Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture Programme. 

The producers — Bashar Rahal and Niki Iliev, from Silver Light Pictures, the studio behind the production, are ready for a new and fresh episode of laughter, romance, and dramatic upturns, all presented by the beloved Niki Iliev, Bashar Rahal, Alexander Kadiev, Dilyana Popova, Evelyn Kostova, Orlin Pavlov, Boyko Krastanov, Rayna Karayaneva, and Iskra Donova. The story once again has the best possible set - The city of Plovdiv. 

The premiere is expected at the end of 2021.

Follow the official channels of the film for updates and wonderful backstage emotions



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