The Bulgarian Graffiti School Association takes us ON THE OTHER SIDE

A project for a contemporary mural, which presents in an attractive and provocative way the topic of the diversity of views in modern society. The city of Plovdiv has a well-developed mural scene and the current idea supports previous initiatives related to street art and graffiti culture.

On The Other Side is a project that opposes attitudes, views and stereotypes. Spontaneous provocation through this type of art in the public environment activates public attention to important topics such as Environmental protection; Global climate change; The difference in the perceptions of the world by marginalized groups and the majority, etc.

The aim of the artist Damyan Nikolov, who is the main executor of the project, is his mural to make society think about what is "the other side" of themes and topics, to present a vision for the other point of view, the other angle and how we should react individually and as a society to given circumstances.

The visual message becomes alive on two facades of the Dimitar Talev School area in Plovdiv, made with weather-resistant paints that will preserve the intensity of colours and images for over 10 years.

Follow the event here.

A Project of Bulgarian Graffiti School Association part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv 2019

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