A Literary Renaissance in Plovdiv – Winners in the Italian-to-Bulgarian Fiction Translation Competition

The award ceremony of the competition for translation into Bulgarian of contemporary Italian fiction was held in the conference hall of the Ivan Vazov National Library in Plovdiv on 28 June. The competition, open to people aged 15 to 35 from Plovdiv and the Plovdiv region, was organized by the Pen and Quill Association and the Aleko Konstantinov – 1954 community centre.
The translations into Bulgarian were reviewed and graded by the translator Natalia Hristova and the Italian language teacher Rositsa Milcheva from the Plovdiv High School for Foreign Languages.
To qualify the translations had to: Come as close to the original as possible; Convey the original's literary qualities in a creative manner; Adhere to the linguistic and grammatical specifics of the Bulgarian language. The Italian texts were prepared by Ms Hristova, who is a translator and a teacher of foreign languages.

Translation challenges were excerpts from two contemporary novels by the Italian writer Simona Sparaco: Nessuno sa di noi ("Nobody Knows About Us") - for the group of contestants aged 15 to 19; and Se chiudo gli occhi ("If I Close My Eyes") for those aged 20 to 35.

The top three awards in the age category 15 to 19:

1. Viktoria Kadieva – 48 points
2. Bozhana Katsarova – 47 points
3. Monika Ralenkova, Konstantina Arnaudova – 46 points

The top three awards in the age category 20 to 35:

1. Maya Balsamadzhieva, Teodora Konstantinova – 47 points
2. Stanislava Popova, Kristina Petrova – 46 points
3. Trayan Mitev – 44 points

The award ceremony was opened by Dimitar Minev, the director of the Ivan Vazov National Library. The prizes consist in certificates of participation for all the participants, from the Pen and Quill Association, and books: in Bulgarian, provided from the Zhanet 45 publishing house, and in Italian, from the Confesercenti Association. Before the ceremony, an exhibition of translated Italian literature was opened on the library’s second floor.
Learn more about the competition and the award ceremony -www.facebook.com/pisalkaipero/posts.



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