FLUCA: FORNOTECA by Anton Stoianov (21.06 /19.00)

21.06 | 19.00
FORNOTECA by Anton Stoianov
exhibition opening
(+after party with sayulke & Denitza)

Anton Stoianov lives and works in Berlin. He graduated the National Academy of Art in Sofia, studied at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna. In 2007 he graduated the Universität der Künste, Berlin. He is an artist of the xavierlaboulbenne Gallery, Berlin.

Stoianov has a successful international career so it is curious to note that FORNOTECA is his first solo show in his home country.

FORNOTECA is a project developed especially for the space of FLUCA. The artist has transformed it into a fairytale garden, a luscious oasis, a green spot in the city map. Amidst this lush vegetation even more fantastic “magic” mirrors flicker. The glitter and unusual colors of the mirrors’ surfaces create a kaleidoscopic reality. On the one hand the thick colored glaze of the mirrors is reminiscent of the glory of times gone by and the secrets of glass vigilantly kept in renaissance Venice. On the other hand these reflective surfaces set inside the glossy FLUCA box, look like the elements of a futuristic capsule. What purpose does it serve? Preserving a piece of nature for the future? Or being used as an experimental station somewhere in outer space?
Stoianov’s art creates an unusual visual environment and at the same time discreetly touches on important issues of our times.

Looking forward to seeing you at FLUCA! (at 38 Otets Paisii Str.)

* FORNOTECA will be exhibited at FLUCA for the period 21.06-18.07 and will be open from Tuesday to Saturday 16.00-20.00.

"FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion", is a project of the Open Arts Foundation , the Embassy of Austria in Bulgaria and with the support of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

More information about the events and the programme of "FLUCA -  Austrian Cultural Pavilion"  - www.facebook.com/FLUCAAustrianCulturalPavilion and on the official site - fluca.info.



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