Book of Events 2019

The Prince of the Sea and the Prince of the Earth

at the Puppet Theatre in Plovdiv on 27 February 2020

+ 7 HOURS in Sofia

Fashion Photography Exhibition by Zlatimir Arakliev (Bulgaria) and Benjamin Hung (Japan) until 28 February 2020

© Ivan Asen 22

'Changing' Takes a National Tour

Starting February 13th, 2020

Wroclaw Breaks the Iron Curtain

This is the last chance to visit this interesting exhibition that reflects the fate of entire Central-European region (28 January – 28 February 2020)

'100% Plovdiv' Book

A portrait of the city by 100 people: partly theater, partly reality, but 100% Plovdiv

The Alafranga Time

Exhibition will be in the National Ethnographic Museum (23 January – 18 April 2020)


12th January 2020

Rijeka and Galway

will hold the title of European Capital of Culture 2020

More Than 55 Issues

Plovdiv Typeface

Free download at – a typeface family created with Plovdiv in mind and inspired by the city’s character – varied, multi-layered, tolerant and unified

More of the Focuses so far

You can find here some of our focuses so far



General partners

EU Japan Fest

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