5th Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life “Shared Past/Contested Heritage“

The Fifth Balkan Summer School of Religions and Public Life "Shared Past/Contested Heritage" (BSSRPL) aims to introduce participants from the Balkans, Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa to the diverse the cultural and historical heritage of the Balkans and to provoke a series of discussions in connection with contemporary interpretations and uses of the past. Together, participants will go through "history lessons" taught within different Balkan national paradigms.

The training, which will take place in the summer of 2021 (June 28 - July 11), seeks a possible shared understanding of the legacies of the past in order to create conditions for rethinking the stereotypes inherited from generations and to develop a specific sensitivity to historical facts. BSSRPL will be organized together with CEDAR - Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion (www.cedarnetwork.org). The training includes both traditional forms of training (lectures, seminars) and innovative approaches in presenting and understanding the historical facts. There are also three days of fieldwork among different communities in Northern Macedonia. The leading professors are with high international prestige.

Project of Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", part of the Legacy programme of Plovdiv 2019.



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