Boundlessly about Kolyo K. (7 - 30 January 2019)

A large retrospective at the City Art Gallery (7 - 30 January 2019) presents the multifaceted work of the Plovdiv artist Kolyo Karamfilov (1963-2014). Kolyo Karamfilov is the focal point of various, sometimes provocative points of view, creative concepts and attitudes. He is one of a small group of Bulgarian artists with sharply distinctive regional and at the same time national characteristics and significance. Karamfilov worked in nearly all genres of visual art - drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, installations, photography. He also worked as a director and scriptwriter. His works are now in private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

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As part of the events for the programme of the Opening of Plovdiv 2019 and accompanying event to the exhibition 'Boundlessly about Kolyo K.' City Art Gallery Plovdiv offers a programme for the children - inspired by the works of Kolyo Karamfilov, children paint (10.00 - 17.30).

This is the Kultura i Savremennost Foundation production.

Temporary Traffic Changes for Plovdiv 2019 (27.12.2018 г. - 17.01.2019 г.)



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