Extensive anthology for the 10-year anniversary of Bulgaria and Romania in the EU

Are 10 years a lot, or not enough to achieve “the European status”, and what does this really mean in the dynamic geopolitical landscape of today? This is one of the key issues shared between the two European Capitals of Culture - Plovdiv 2019 and Timisoara 2021. Both cities have joined efforts in order to examine the cultural processes taking place within each country, after their acceptance into the European Union during 2007.

20 author's texts in 10 cultural themes, with more than 150 archive photographs and artwork, compiled into 300 pages and translated into three languages.

The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation proudly presents "Bulgaria and Romania - 10 Years in the European Union." This limited-edition anthology has an exclusive circulation of only 500 copies. The editor of the Bulgarian edition is Dimitar Stoyanovich - historian, editor-in-chief of L'Europeo Magazine and host of the "Day begins with Culture" on BNT1. The content of the anthology is symbolically divided into ten - 10 years - 10 authors - 10 areas of creativity and culture from both countries.

"Cultural change is already underway and its scars are all around us. The theaters are full, the bookstores are multiplying, and Bulgarian films are being made. There’s a visible urban culture emerging and a youthful sub-cultural life thriving," says the famous cultural anthropologist, Haralan Alexandrov, while introducing the main themes of the anthology. In just these first few lines, we find the main provocation to carry out such a large-scale project. This progression in culture is quite evident, and the European Capital of Culture is an important international engine used to evaluate such a dynamic development.

Within the spheres of architecture, design, visual arts, cinema, theater, literature, photography and publication, we find the names of the authors; Yavor Gardev, Georgi Lozanov, Svetlozar Zhelev, Vladimir Zarev, Genoveva Dimitrova, Lachezar Boyadzhiev, Aneta Vasileva, Lidia Manolova, and Liliana Karadzhova. These authors write about their retrospections, analysis, personal experiences, and their active participation in the processes before and after 2007, while discreetly presenting their positive outlook of the future. The media has also found its own place in this special edition, with Georgi Lozanov's peculiar view of the processes in the fourth power of the last decade.

Without a doubt, at the end of 2017, this has been one of the most interesting and ambitious projects undertaken, marking the ten-year anniversary of the two neighbouring countries. The process has taken on a tough, yet highly motivating path, in achieving these common European-cultural values.
The distribution of the publication is free and can be found in libraries as well as in urban spaces dedicated to culture and international institutions. The digital version is also available, with the option of printing.

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