Building Together: Learning from Stolipinovo

The German artists and architects Martin Kaltwasser and Maik Ronz developed a concept for building a sustainable, temporary structure at the Maritza river bank in the area adjacent to the district of Stolipinovo in cooperation with participants from the local Roma neighborhood. The project is dedicated to the largest Roma community in the Balkans and aims at creating
new connections between the neighborhood and the rest of the city, literally and symbolically.

The method of the artists involves looking at the everyday public space and its transitory nature as a reflection of general social processes. Assigned to their own networks and craftsmanship the Roma have founded micro-manufactories of all trades here.

With ‘Learning from Stolipinovo’ the project team takes up this local expertise and – together with volunteers, activists and neighbors – implement an architectural intervention that connects Stolipinovo with the city of Plovdiv. The residents of Stolipinovo are already connected to
their family members, friends and colleagues living in (Western) Europe. The project will be uncovering common stereotypes in the perception of the Roma community and will be encouraging intercultural communication through the means of art.

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'Building Together – Learning from Stolipinovo' is a project based on the concept by Martin Kaltwasser and Maik Ronz (Germany), implemented by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Children´s Architecture Workshop (Bulgaria), Discovered Spaces (Bulgaria), Atelier 3 (Bulgaria) and local



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