2019, A Year of the Future…

The exhibition project is dedicated to the exploration of outer space, retro sci-fi and futurism in Bulgarian culture from the 1960s to the present.

The exhibition is divided in two sections: future from the present and future from the past. The historical section deals with the idea of a cosmic future in the context of the Cold War. A series of achievements of Bulgarian space studies will be presented – genuine spacesuits as well as the most significant outer space-dedicated art from the past. The contemporary section includes innovative and interactive works that interpret the stars and what's to come.

The show's focal point is the city as a symbol of modernity. In a special section dedicated to Plovdiv, a group of works engages with Plovdiv's dual identity – as a city born in the Antiquity and living in the modern era.

‘2019, A Year of the Future…’ includes lectures; meetings with astronauts and scientists; film screenings; and a handful of public space interferences, all of them connected with the symbols of a retro future in Plovdiv.

The project is a Concept Inc production.



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