Cultart Academy is a high-quality educational project, developed in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Management at the University of Vienna and the best of the programs created by the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in the last five years.

The application campaign will be launched simultaneously in the five partner countries of the Academy - Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Greece, and North Macedonia. The ambitious team that developed the training modules from Plovdiv and Vienna will present to the participants the full range of creative industries - festivals, visual arts, performing arts, design, architecture, and applied arts. The courses will be held in different countries according to the chosen module.

Cultart is a specially created online platform in which applicants from all countries will be able to get acquainted with the conditions they should meet in order to participate in the training courses. They will be selected through open calls and a jury with representatives from all project partner countries. In each country, 25 selected candidates aged between 18 and 35 will be able to participate.

The Academy is the first of its kind six-month training programme with practical modules and problem-based work on 5 concrete cultural case studies. The Cultart programme is focused on up-to-date issues in the cultural sector and will include developing business plans, projects, and strategies for development.

Cultart also envisages the creation of the first in Bulgaria start-up platform for financing cultural projects and organizations, and open access to video lectures, courses, and exercises.

The first-ever Cultural Management Academy will begin recruiting participants in May 2022, with more than 125 cultural managers from five countries involved.

You can learn more about the academy at:, as well as everyday news on Facebook, Instagram, linkedin

In the past, culture has always been a significant bridge between reality and reverie, rebellion and freedom. As the world’s only truly universal language, culture creates emotions, connects societies, and preserves communities. 

And today, its voice must be louder than ever.

Cultart makes the voice of culture stronger and more powerful. It is a socially responsible and forward-thinking arts initiative that strives to harness the transformative power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue, and inspire action.

A cultural academy, built for the ones who dream to change the world, Cultart seeks to cultivate a vibrant and creative community across 5 European nations.

As a powerful tool to transform society, Cultart is the platform that elevates those individuals who desire to be part of the change.

Thus, we can all revive art and build a more just world – from the local to the global.

Because art saves the world. And we want to save art. 


6 organizations from 5 countries participate in the Cultart project. In addition to the leading 'Plovdiv 2019' Foundation in the consortium are Clearly Culture - Vienna and the team of experts created the master's program in Cultural Management at the University of Vienna, also the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce, Italy, Alliance for Innovative Practices - Bulgaria, Edu Centre - Skopje, Northern Macedonia, International Centre for Sustainable Development- Ioannina, Greece

Cultart is a project for 262,105 euros, which the foundation won under the Erasmus+ programme, Youth - Partnerships for Cooperation, administered by the Centre for Human Resources Development - National Agency under the Erasmus+ programme 

Cultart - closes the application process

Cultart - a new deadline to apply!

Plovdiv 2019 presents the Cultart academy 125 cultural managers will be able to apply this May.

Cultart with new trainign period of the Festivals programme

Cultart in Skopje

Cultart - Visual Arts Programme

Cultart update: Welcome to the group of participants under the Design and Architecture Programme

Cultart in Ioannina

Cultart в Пловдив

Cultart Book



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