The River

Platform Transform
Cluster River of Imagination


Platform Transform
Cluster River of Imagination
The artist-in-residence program ADATA AiR is focusing the urban landscape of the city of Plovdiv as part of the ECOC programme.

River of Imagination - Cluster from the Transform Platform in the programme of Plovdiv 2019

The Maritsa River (480 km) is the longest river in the Balkans. It starts from the Rila Mountains and flows through Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. It is one of the most important elements in Plovdiv’s ecosystem, but the citizens have lost their emotional connection to it. This is why we believe it is high time we started a process of revitalisation of the river and the Adata Island, using culture, art and green innovation.

River of Imagination is concentrated on converting these areas into an urban oasis: creating attractive showcases of European re-cycled and green art, inspiring innovation in cutting-edge technologies, sustainable design and  architectural strategies, being a place for alternative tourism and developing educational and socialising tools for improving the relationship between nature and city.


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